Financial donations

The daily rate of financing for the Women’s Shelter and the voluntary contributions from the city and district do not cover all the costs of our services. Therefore, we are dependent on support from private donations on an ongoing basis. Every amount helps and benefits our work with women and children.

Your donation is tax-deductible. We will gladly issue a donation receipt for the tax office on request. You can find the donation form here.

Donation account: Volksbank Mittlerer Neckar eG IBAN : DE69 6129 0120 0151 7320 00 BIC: GENODES1NUE Tax. no: 59338/05968

Our small red houses are in many Esslingen specialty stores and look forward to being filled. Every euro helps, and benefits the work with the children.


Online Donations

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Via the link you can access our project presentation entitled “Donate security – assistance for boys & girls in the Esslingen Women’s Shelter”. Here you will find information regarding what activities have been carried out or are planned with children and what is especially needed for the work with the girls and boys. You yourself select which of our smaller and larger projects you would specifically like to support. We will receive your donation in the full. Of course, you will also receive a donation receipt here.

Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen, as the operator of the platform, organises recurring matching grants. On a specific announced date, all incoming donations up to a certain amount will be doubled. If you would like us to inform you of such dates in advance, please let us know your e-mail address at

You can also find our project on the following portals:

Membership and Sponsorship

Would you like to support us over the long term?
Then become a member of our association. Women aged 18 and over can become full members. We are also happy to have men as supporting members. Membership is possible  for a minimum annual fee of 30 euros.

Membership Application (PDF-DE)

Do you want to specifically support our work with girls and boys in the Women’s Shelter?
Be a godmother! For 350 euros per year you can help us cover the personnel costs for our work with children. These are purely donor-financed.

Sponsorship Application (PDF-DE)

Online Premiums

You can easily support us with your online purchases at no cost to yourself.

For every online purchase that is mediated via one of the following online platforms, purchase premiums are generated, which are forwarded by the participating shops as a donation. Thus, every user can do something good without paying anything in addition.

The respective link takes you directly to the website – you choose your shop, make a purchase and trigger a premium donation to us.

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Donations in kind

For the Women’s Shelter, we are happy to receive kitchen donations such as well-preserved pots, pans, dishes and cutlery along with bed linens and towels.

The women who come to us in the Women’s Shelter can often bring very little from home. We therefore gladly accept donations of good, wearable women’s and children’s clothing in all sizes.

We can also occasionally use prams or cribs. Since we have little storage space, we ask for prior telephone consultation.

Donations in kind can be made in our donation shop.