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Welcome to the homepage of the Frauen helfen Frauen Esslingen association. We have been campaigning against violence against women and children since 1982. Here we provide information on the topic of domestic violence, the support we provide, the association, and how you can actively get involved. Violence against women, girls and boys is not a private problem. read more »

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Women’s shelter Esslingen Advice Centre

Esslingen Advice Centre:

Telephone 0711 35 72 12

Esslingen Women’s Shelter

Esslingen Women’s Shelter:

Telephone 0711 37 10 41

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The women’s shelter

Esslingen Women’s Shelter offers protection, refuge and safe accommodation for women affected by violence and for their children. Women and children can receive support, advice and guidance from us and can develop new perspectives for their own lives. The address of the house is therefore kept a secret. Women affected by violence can accommodated together with their children. Admission to the women’s shelter usually takes place via a telephone call. The women admitted live alone or with their children in one room. They share the bathroom, kitchen, living room and terrace. read more »

The counselling and intervention centre

The Esslingen Advice Centre offers advice and support to women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence in various forms in their relationships. Friends, acquaintances and relatives who have contact with affected women and children and need information can also contact us, as can specialists from various institutions. Consultations are free, confidential and open-ended. read more »